Creating new partnerships

We sincerely thank you for your donations to this project during the June Bonus Day!

In June, we have been seeking out new partnerships to revitalise our project to assist impoverished women in Ghana to access working capital, receive training and start new businesses.

Myself and our board Secretary (Mr. Amponsah) met with the Operations Manager and Projects Manager from the Hope-line Institute at PAAJAF’s office at the The Church of the Pentecost. At the meeting Hopeline requested PAAJAF to submit a board’s resolution to work with them, which we have done. It is our aim to work together and receive support from Hope-line. We will keep you informed of progress.

The Hope-line Institute assists the marginalized populations of Accra, Ghana, especially women, by offering training in micro-finance management and preventative health. Please see more about them at their website .

As a project, we have also created a suite of new policies to implement including a background check form so that participants can provide references and to perform basic name and address checks, an affidavit and group lending agreement which clearly shows how the micro-loans and repayments are planned. This will assist in the monitoring and evaluation of micro-loans.



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