Grand Opening


Welcome to the new website for Paajaf Foundation.

A new website a new chapter.

Thanks for visiting paajaf .org This site will be in beta mode until all systems are ready.  If you encounter any errors then can you be so kind as to contact us via the support pop out in the bottom right hand corner or alternatively mail us at [email protected] .

Please feel free to browse around and see what we are about. A good place to start is here as it tells the story of the Paajaf foundation and where the inspiration came from.  You can become actively involved in Paajaf and make a difference to those far less fortunate than ourselves.  You can donate(cash, clothes, bricabrac, energy), start your own fundraiser, purchase goods from our shop plus much more.

The site will not end here, there will be fresh content added regularly, new projects, more fundraisers, plenty of events so please do make your visit more permanent.

Have fun and remember any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Paajaf Staff.


Paul T

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