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In the last edition we focused on human rights promotion, protection and, also, cases of abuses. In this number we want to talk about the consequences of the lack of human right protection on children, specifically the cases of child abuse. At the first section we tried to show how the scourge of human trafficking is affecting the child development and how is restricting their rights to attend to school, do not have the duty of work, receive an appropriate medical care and, above all, child trafficking is violating the right of million children to grow up free.

Furthermore, in the section of Child Soldiers we talk about the military use of children across the world and particularly in Africa. This type of child abuse forces children to be part in armed conflicts and puts them away from their families. In this vulnerability situation, the “leader” convinces them that they will not regain their lives, or the control of them. Finally, we tried to explain the situation of child refugees and the ties with the human trafficking. I deeply hope that this edition helps to realize the problems related with child abuse in all the world and specifically in Ghana.

We really appreciate your desire to collaborate with the youth in Ghana.

Anabella Corridoni
Youth Magazine Coordinator

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