Children of Ghana – Stories


Here are the short stories and engaging articles written by the Gbawe Methodist Junior High School Class 3B part of the IT Training for Teens After School Program – the children’s group are called Nkabom, which means Togetherness.

Who are Nkabom?


We are the children at Gbawe Methodist School in Ghana aged 14 -15 years old!The local school is in a poor rural suburb of Accra. NKABOM lets the children of Ghana, connect with each other and the world.We can share what we write, what we read, what we’re thinking about, and what makes us laugh.It will help all of us to gather here at NKABOM to discuss, share, and enjoy our lives.By making a whole, we can improve each one of us. By sharing, one person can become all people. Things that one of us might not understand can be overcome by supporting each other.

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