Invite to all young writers!

children netwokers (4)Do you want to publish your own article in a children’s online magazine?

The Kid’s Voice & Young Journalist’s Adventure Magazine is an online magazine created by United Nations Volunteers for the PAAJAF Foundation charity in Ghana. The magazine helps young people to share their views on topics that really matter to them.

The theme is: Literacy and the importance of education

We invite you, children from across the globe, to submit your articles and images about this theme! The magazine will also feature children networkers from the Gbawe Methodist school in Ghana. Submit your articles or questions to our magazine co-ordinator Ana: [email protected]

If you represent a school or are a teenager that loves writing and want to share your experiences and thoughts on education then – WE NEED YOU!

Here are some ideas for articles;

  • Write about the importance of education in your life and in your community
  • How has education made a difference in your life?
  • What is your favourite subject to learn and why?
  • What skill do you want to learn most and why would it help you?
  • Finish this sentence… Literacy is important because….

The Literacy edition of the magazine…

The magazine will include articles about adult literacy from around the world, as a global issue.

We’ll talk about adult literacy in Ghana: interesting facts and figures, what the Government is doing and policies. We’ll also feature the role of international organizations and what are they doing to contribute with the right to education.

The magazine will also feature the work of the PAAJAF Foundation and will include testimonials from people who PAAJAF is helping and working with.

For more information please contact Ana [email protected]

Our Latest Magazine can be found clicking on the image below

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