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Teenagers’ are particularly at risk to peer-group pressure and taking the wrong path in life when faced with challenges and with few or no opportunities to better their situations; this has led to the formation of this project.

The Teen Project provides job search skills, interview techniques and leadership courses to teenagers. Participants will be encouraged to engage in handiwork activities – dressmaking, hair dressing and catering.  English and core mathematics will be taught to improve their reading, writing and calculating skills and also to enhance Teens life-chances on the job market and with communication.

Also it is a programme that encourages young people to engage in the media and take the opportunity to brainstorm story ideas, write and create art and learn more about the world and global issues. Check out The Kids’ Voice and Young Journalist Adventure magazine (issues below). Please pass them on to your friends or via your networks!

A message from the magazine co-ordinator

I believe that our magazine is a good way for young people to voice their thoughts, concern and desires. I am really proud of the work that volunteers do to explain their concern on human rights, women opportunities, child abuse, education and development. The magazine represents a huge opportunity to prepare youth today to become tomorrow greatest journalists.

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