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You made it happen! Young writers at the After School Program have received packs of pencils, pens, paper and stickers for up to 30 children to continue their creative writing studies, thanks to your generous donations.

Class 2B from Gbawe Methodist School has written about Human Rights and particularly it’s affect in Ghana. They discussed in class what to look out for and some of the ways by which human rights abuse can be prevented and wrote up their thoughts in articles.

Stationery such as pens and paper helps the children practice to learn how to write and gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts on paper. If you would like to donate stationery, books or school materials to the children of Gbawe Methodist School please contact Philip at [email protected] 

We share young writer Jennifer Mills article below…

I am Jennifer Mills, A member of the PAAJAF Foundation Children’s Network , As a citizen of this country, I am writing this article to talk and also write my views and opinions on the topic Human Rights Abuse

Child abuse is a cruel treatment of children such as beating, calling nasty names, insulting, cursing and so on. In other words, it is a bad treatment of a child by an adult, especially an adult in a position of trust or authority.
Secondly, I want to talk on child trafficking. This human rights abuse is a practice of taking children known as “Kayayo” for other jobs elsewhere. Many young girls and boys are brought from Northern Ghana to the Southern part of Ghana to work as common carriers.

I would like to speak on the sex trade. The sex trade is the forcing or luring young girls into sexual activities for money. Mostly, the money goes to their madam who has forced them into this life.

The fourth point is child labor. This human right abuse is the act of employing children less than 15 years old in income generating activities e.g. Children who sell ice water, rubber bags, just to support themselves of their family instead of being in school.

Lastly, I want to speak on Child Kidnapping, this is the practice of kidnapping or taking children away from their parents without the consent of the parents.

Some of the people who suffer human rights abuse are situated in certain sectors of the Ghanaian population, these in conflict areas and minority groups in towns and villages. The reasons why such people are vulnerable to human rights abuse  are because of low education, poverty, fear, apathy and lack of political representation.

Some of the ways by which human rights abuse can be prevented includes education and the role of the courts. When people go to school and are educated on human rights abuse, it can help to prevent them suffering from it, because they know their rights.

  • The role of the court: This means they must provide justice, sections and compensations for the abused person.
  • The role of Ghana National Commission on children: They must help to protect the right of children.
  • The role of Department of Social Welfare: They must help in the community especially women and children who cannot go to the law court because of poverty.

I would like to end the article here. I hope the acts mentioned will be in no use again and that no one will stop others from having their rights. I wish that people who practice human rights abuses will endeavor to stop it. I thank you for giving an ear to what I have said. I will be very thrilled to hear  that human abuse is decreasing in our country Ghana.
by Jennifer Mills – A member of the PAAJAF Foundation 



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