You have sent Mary to school, thank you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMary woke up in the morning and felt very happy and excited! She ran to see her mother and sister because today was going to be very different.Mary’s mother had prepared some food and was providing Mary with a nutritious breakfast from the donations we received.

Today, Mary was going to put on her school uniform, it’s dark blue, clean and new and proudly Mary points at the Mercy Schools Complex, Gbawe badge. Today Mary will meet all her new classmates, she has seen them in the locality but she could not play with them because she didn’t go to their school. Now Mary will be bringing her own textbooks to the class. She is in class one and her school fees this term have been paid.

Mary was also presented with her health insurance card, this means Mary has access to healthcare if she becomes sick and her family will be able to make sure she get proper treatment.

Mary’s future is bright because of generous and kind-hearted donors like you, you made a great difference in her life and that of her family. Words cannot express the gratitude that Mary and her family have for the support you have given, please know that the smile on this little girl’s face is because of you.

We present Mary and her mum with school suppliesAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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