An amazing gift this Christmas…

Article by Raquel Jorge Ricart

Christmas has arrived in our lives again. It is flooding all our lives’ spaces, from at home to streets. Even at school or university, we are catching information and seeing objects which show us its arrival. All children, wondering if they have a good behavior during year, are nervous and lively because they are going to receive the presents that they wish.

This is the essence of Christmas: the happiness. A happiness which embraces anybody, and allows a personal construction year after year, because it is not only development due to having toys but meaning respect, equality and the fact of sharing, it’s also meeting with family as well as with people who live far away, and also the humanity.

Abigail, age 12

However, in countless countries around the world, there are children who, on account of lack of budget, poverty, little help, lacking job prospects and distance of towns to go to school or have fresh water, they don’t receive any toys, any books, even any little gift.

This Christmas, in Gbawe, we want to support 18 students,  9 girls and 9 boys. We want to give them a Christmas Event to give hope and educational gifts to them, you can make it happen in 2013! Here is more about them:

9 girls and 6 boys for school
University students
2 boys for University studies

 PAAJAF works with all of the 18 students during whole year. Besides, in this time of year, at Christmas, we are going to celebrate an event at Gbawe Chapel in support of Dreams For Kids USA. It is called Holiday For Hope, in which we fight for a cause: development. A development for 100 underprivileged kids in Ghana in tough times.

Also, for the Holiday For Hope event, you can help give a poor child a present of clothes, books and educational material, as well they will enjoy this event with several gifts such as basketballs, soccer balls and skipping ropes. Read more about it:

They need donations in order to get their dreams: to self-realize themselves, to be able to study so as to live properly eventually as well as in the future with a job.

These are the dreams and hopes that only they ask for you, any material thing, only a better and hopeful future. If these words are not enough for you, you can watch, and specially to feel, their feelings, their interests and their thoughts, thanks to their comments in different ages. Through our partners at GlobalGiving we invite you to help Abigail and Ebenezer to fund their studies and give hope to these bright and talented kids! Abigail talks about herself and PAAJAF below…

Abigail, age 12, wants to go to school

So, what are you waiting for helping them? You can donate directly to help a child today!

Christmas will be amazing for them if they get their expectations, and you will be happy because they will be satisfied with your help. It’s major for them. It’s major for equality, help, respect, non-poverty and existence of a global citizenry. It’s major for underprivileged and needy children and youth from Gbawe. We wish you a happy Christmas and all best wishes for the season.



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