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Project Update 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Family Learning Project resumed on December 2nd 2013. Thanks to Pulsar International’s work on the proposal we gained a grant from the Souter Foundation for the project.  PAAJAF received an amount of GHC 8,128.50 in our account which equals £2312.50.

One of the main educational problems in Gbawe is that public schools are over-crowded. Therefore PAAJAF decided to create a “family learning centre”. The objective of this project is to support 50 adults by providing adult literacy learning classes to the poor adults especially women who could not get any chance to go to school and to be able to learn how to read and write English Language and Ghanaian Language (Twi and Ga) as well as having basic business mathematics to manage their businesses. In addition, it is also to support those who dropped out from school system due to one or two reasons to be also read, write and having basic business mathematics and management skills. Another target is also support their infants and children who are not in school and those in school to study English, Maths and Science. The parents can bring their children when attending classes or at a weekend Tuition on Saturdays.




The project has started impacting on the lives of some adult and their children now at Gbawe, though the school has just commenced and it is in its initial stage of recruiting students but classes has begun for some adult students who were dropout from the school system with a mission to sit for thr West Africa Examination – WAEC to advance their education in fashion, design and business management.  Janet and Doris who are adult students wanted to study English and Maths in Senior high school level so that they would be able to sit for the WAEC examination. And PAAJAF is determined to assist them. 

Family Learning

At this stage of the recruiting process, 40 adult students have visited PAAJAF’s office to take an application form of which they would be able to start classes in January 2014.  Since the month of December is a month of Christmas, the reason classes will start in January is because the majority of applicants are seamstresses (Dressmakers) and others are petty traders and hackers and this is the month that they need to work hard to get some income to take care of their families.



The main step we have made is renting a place. It is called “Family Learning Centre” and it has been establishing to facilitate the programs of the project.  The amount received has been help us to rent and furnish a small place where people can acquire knowledge. We had a hard work to reform the place however currently we have a place to teach.

Besides, one teacher has currently recruited to teach the project students and the project coordinator too. Regular update would be provided so that you could know the status of the project.

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