Opportunities For Lifelong Learning – Update for the First Quarter 2014

The board and management of PAAJAF Foundation wish to presses our gratitude to our selfless donors for their continues support for our program – PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) which has brought hope to many families at Gbawe and its environment. It is our prayer that the support would be ceaseless to guarantee the continues patronage of the project.

The Program –  PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI)

The above program has the sole objective of bringing smile to the faces of families especially women, their children and the underprivileged children who as a result of one or two constraints could not access the formal educational system at Gbawe in Ghana.

Program Structure

The project has been structured as follows:

  1. Adult Literacy Classes (The Parent and the Child)
  2. Afterschool Program for children
  3. Saturday Tuition  for school children (Primary 1 – 6)
  4. Senior High School Level


  1. Adult Literacy Classes (The Parent and the Child)
  2. Since its commencement in December 2013 18 candidates have been enrolled as against the target figure of 50 participants.  It is believed that awareness would be created for many people to join over time.   This project has imparted positively on the life of 5 seed members who have spread the news about the program for others to join.

  3. Afterschool Program for children
  4. This is once a week program – meeting only on Tuesdays weekly between 4:00pm – 6:00pm local time. This is an afterschool project giving underprivileged children the opportunity to study and solve their homework problems.  It is manned by experienced professional teachers hired from the public school in the community. The project target population is 30 pupils but currently the number is almost 50.   The positive impact of this programme is evident at the rate of patronage.

  5. Saturday Tuition  for school children (Primary 1 – 6)
  6. Besides the Tuesday afterschool program pupils have been offered every Saturday tuition free lesions from 8:00am – 12:00n local time.  Three core subject areas   are handled:

    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Science

    Attendance is almost 50. Participants at the Tuesday program are the very pupils who patronize the Saturday section.

  7. Senior High School Level

Four females have been so far registered and tuition begun in January 2014. The objective is to prepare student to write the SSCE examination in both core and elective subjects that could qualify them to enter tertiary institutions in Ghana.

To achieve its state target this project must be run at least for 3 years without break just as the normal Senior High School system runs. The female attendees are all are married women with children.  Meeting time is 6 hours a week. Only one subject (English Language) is being run now. Participants are eager to study other subjects in addition but funding and venue have been the two main factors inhibiting such vision.

Teething Challenges

In normal business life every venture begins with its infant challenges and so do this project. PAAJAF teething challenges in relation to this project are listed below:

  1. Inadequate unding
  2. Spacious venue
  3. Teachers recruitment
  4. Table and chairs
  5. Computer
  6. Internet
  7. Books
  8. Limited volunteer commitment
  9. Acquisition of land for permanent project site

General Impact

Notwithstanding its infant problems as numerated above, this project has had a wide spread positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries both young and old in terms of reading and writing skills. Visit www.pei.edu.gh for evidences- what our teachers and students are saying: http://www.pei.edu.gh/faculty/ .


We appeal to our donors, a would be donors and our reliable Pulsar International to keep supporting the project to multiply the positive impact within Gbawe community and its outskirts.



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