Thank you! Our lives better, we are at school!

AbigailWow, it’s been an amazing few months and we sincerely thank you for your immense contributions to our scholarship students lives! From January to April 2014, we are happy to report that in fact, the children that you are sponsoring are in the school and school fees are fully paid for this term. These children you are supporting are Gilbert, Mary, Abigail, Erica, Ebenezer with full or part payment of school fees and Christpher, Benjamin, Vera and Nidaar with at home food support, health insurance and uniforms. The children are aged between 2 years old and 19 years old.

Gilbert is still waiting for application from the University, your generous donations through this project and the micro-project raised $1115 so that he can make an application and I have told him that as soon as he get admission the fund will be disbursed to support him and this would be done only if he gets admission into a University.

Abigail’s school report shows a good performance, and that Abigail one she rejoined school is performing quite impressive but with room for improvement. Her best grades are in social studies and home economics, where Abigail scored ‘excellent’ in recent exams. In fact, she feels happy and the family too since trying to find enough funds for school fees was a burden to them because they didn’t know where they could get money to pay the fees through lack of permamnent jobs and only temporary work. Since Abigail is in her final year now at the Junior High School, she leaves home before 6am each day for classes before school lessons start.

abigail imageErica and Mary continue to progress well at school and are attending all their classes.Erica has $347 raised for her scholarship fund which covered her term, however, we will still seek assistance for the remaining terms this year and feature Erica in our microprojects once more to help her. Mary is fully funded and her family are experiencing much positive results with increased help Mary’s health and wellbeing is improved and she is also helping her younger sister Miriam with reading.

Ebenezer thanks you for your support to his University fund, which raised $110, this is not currently enough to pay his tuition fee of $400, so it will be held for Ebenezer until the full amount is available. We have launched a new nicro-project and will be campaigning for Ebenezer to help him get to University and study marketing!

Thanks to YOU all this progress has been possible, we and the children express a heartfelt gratitude for your support.

MaryJosephine’s mother approached me three days ago that she needs help for Josephine and her brother Kelvin that they  both have been sacked for school fees for 3 weeks now that they have been at home missing classes. Therefore there are more children we will help in the coming months, we have created fundraisers on PAAJAF’s website and will be doing the same at GlobalGiving.

We thank you for your generous support, please contact me, Philip for more information at [email protected]



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