Meet Claudette Wass – Volunteer for May 2014

ClaudettemClaudette Wass is a great mother, supporting wife and a strong minded experienced Telecom Manager who joined PAAJAF as a Volunteer from Lebanon but she is originally French.

Claudette has been associated with PAAJAF since March, 2014 as the Management Support Team Leader and since then, has devoted most of her time to the cause she believes in and has proved most of her time to the cause she believes in and has proved herself in leading her team of Online Volunteers all over world.

Under her Leadership, Claudette created an environment oriented to trust, open communication and cohesive team thinking. She not only facilitated the day to day operations of PAAJAF Management in a very smooth way but also, kept her team members motivated and inspired.

Based on her team member’s request and wishing her continuous success, PAAJAF board of Directors and its Founder/Director of PAAJAF has decided to award Claudette the “Volunteer of the Month” award for May 2014, in recognition of her Team Leadership and Management skills and her dedication towards humanitarian work at PAAJAF.

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