PAAJAF and Ayele Foundation

Members of the Ayele Foundation-
On the 1st of September the PAAJAF Foundation were very happy to welcome members of the Ayele Foundation to the Family Learning Centre in Gbawe, Accra for an educational training workshop delivered by president and chairman, Cassis Smith. The Ayele Foundation is dedicated to developing literacy and promoting the use of technology to enhance the lives and opportunities of the children of Ghana.

We are delighted that PAAJAF will work in partnership with the Ayele Foundation and starting next year, 2015, interns from the Ayele Foundation will work with our teachers in the Family Learning Centre and other schools in Gbawe. They will support staff at PAAJAF in using their curriculum, designed to teach literacy, first in local language, then in English. Their interns will also give guidance on promoting a child-centred approach to learning that encourages involvement and advice on creating learning activities that are relevant to the children.




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