Erica goes to school…THANK YOU!

IMG_20141001_111255You’ve supported her education, there are no more tears….She is 9 years old now and in Class 3 and attends The Pearls School. She is lively and is hoping to become a Bank Manager in the future. Luckily, her favourite subject at school is Maths, as you have already read about her, so she is already on the right path. This term has seen Erica keep progressing well in all her subjects, especially Creative Arts and R.E and Erica continues to grow and become a more confident and well adjusted young lady! She behaves well in class and listens attentively.

IMG_20141001_111315Erica has gotten her school fees, school meals, uniform, and school supplies been purchased for academic term 2014. Sadly, because Erica is an orphan, as her mother passed since she was 2 years old and PAAJAF has been supporting her through the help of individual donors, because she is now under the care of her aunt Rebecca, who is married with four children of her own. We will keep supporting this bright and talented young girl until she completes her education so that it will give her the best type of future, where she can support herself with a good job and career! We and Erica are so appreciative of your kind support and THANK YOU sincerely! We look forward to your continued support of this wonderful lady!

Erica- Report



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