We’ve come a long way…thanks to you!

The new academic year has just started and we here at PAAJAF are most grateful to you, our donors of the children at PAAJAF. We were happy to say, yes, Vira, Mary, Christpher, Josephine, Nidaar, Abigail, Stephen and Erica had good and successful academic year in the 2014 academic calendar. This has been successful through our donors since without the support you provided, we could not have achieved so much. So we say a big thank you to you all.

How cheerful Josephine and her friends were seeing her schools fees and feeding been settled, and school supplies were also been purchased. Josphine is now in Class 3 and she is 9 year olds who is now in cheerful mood. Josephine is a brilliant girl who loves singing. She will strike you as very happy and outgoing. She is currently attending the Real Boat International School (REBOINS) in Gbawe and is enjoying school. We made Josephine one of our children in urgent need of sponsors, due to her family’s financial situation and her willingness to learn. Her 11-year-old sibling Kelvin attends the same school. Josephine and Kelvin experience difficulties due to their parents’ inability to provide them with the school materials but you have made their faces beautiful by putting smiles. We want to help Josephine and her handsome brother attend school permanently. We find it necessary to support her and her brother through this child sponsorship programme at PAAJAF.

IMG_20140930_174048Oh you did not support only Josephine, but what do you see in the face of Vira and her mother? They were amazed from the support they are reIMG_20140930_172423ceiving from by seeing Vira going to school have more stable and peaceful lives, since Vera’s mother is also able to join the school where Vira attends school. So we support the mother to buy school supplies, home feeding, school feeding and clothing. Vira is a kind girl that has been abandoned by her father and lives with her mother but you have not abandoned her too to tears on her face. As you are aware, Vera’s mother raises alone. Vira is presently attending school Winners Family Preparatory School in Gbawe. Playing with dolls and playing group games are his favorite activities. She is in Class 2. With your sponsorship, Vira will have new opportunities to learn and grow. She is one of the PAAJAF children waiting for a sponsor. PAAJAF provides for her wellbeing with basic needs food, clean water, health care and nutritious food.

IMG_20140930_100314Christpher also has gotten her fees and everything settled. He is the happiest child in the world at the moment. He attends Mercy School complex and he is in Nursery 1. Christpher is an inquisitive young boy who lives with his parents and his newborn brother. It is clear that with the support to attend school he will be able to do well and have many opportunities will open up to him! Another child, Abigail, without your help could have not completed Junior High School. She is a brilliant girl at school who tops her peers in all subjects. She is very responsible both at home and at school. She is very diligent and her future in education looks promising. Her result for the B.E.C.E is in now has got 08 meaning highest grade. She has got Aburi Girls Senior High school. However would she be able to go to the school? No, why? Due the financial difficulties faced by her parents. During the Junior High School time, she was facing the same problem which she was not allow a regular provision of the school materials, including a school uniform and text books. As a result, Abigail has frequent gaps in class attendance that then require her to study alone. PAAJAF recognizes that Abigail needs urgent help and is looking for sponsors and you came in to support her. Would please come to her aid?

Another child helped by YOU is Stephen also whose school fees been paid, and we are seeking support for the mother of the poor family of Madicy and Judy. These poor children at first were attending Winners Family School in Gbawe. Unfortunately they have to stop going to school since the mother and the step father could be able to pay their school fees and other supplies and it is sad to hear this situation. When, I heard it I approach the woman again but there is nothing we do since no fund. I was told this sad news by Vira’s mother who says in the same house with them and in fact, their situation is an eye-saw. So, what we can only do now is to appeal on their behalf.

Is that the final of the children been sponsored? No, no, tell us what you see! You supported her education, she is 9 years oldIMG_20141001_111255 now and in Class 3 and attends The Pearls School. She is lively and is hoping to become a Bank Manager in the future. Luckily, her favourite subject at school is Maths, as you have already read about her, so she is already on the right path. She is Erica! As you have already read about her, Erica has gotten her school fees, school meals, uniform, and school supplies been purchased. Sadly, Erica is an orphan, as her mother passed since she was 2 years old and PAAJAF has been supporting her through the help of individual donors! THANK YOU! With sincere gratitude! Your support is changing the lives of these young people all for the BETTER!



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