The kids are in our hands

Article by Langwa Ancel Leinyuy

Education is a very important aspect of the life of an individual and it contributes in a great way to mold a person’s life. However, some people are unable to enjoy this education and its benefits due to the lack of several resources. Some communities are deprived and have little or no access to education. This is the situation in the Gbawe community in Accra, Ghana which is made up of children, women and adults who for one reason or the other are unable to get education. Until the PAAJAF Learning Centre came along!

This community is  plagued by the issue of overcrowding in public schools and as a result of this; children are unable to study well and freely. There is also the problem of adult illiteracy which is characteristic of the adults in this area. Taking into consideration all these problems, the PAAJAF Foundation in Accra Ghana comes in to improve the lives of these masses by providing them with free education and offering the children and adults with life changing opportunities. Unfortunately, the PAAJAF Foundation cannot touch the lives of these underprivileged masses without your help. You can help PAAJAF so that PAAJAF can help them. The future of the children lies in our hands.

Children are the most vulnerable members of the society and they are the ones who need the best care. Can we together care for these children by contributing to their education? Can we today start touching lives so as to make a difference? The PAAJAF foundation calls on individuals and groups to support this course by donating and contributing to the education of a child today. Would you HELP? Please visit GOFUNDME  to learn more about our child sponsorship campaign. This programme is aimed at collecting funds so as to provide good and quality education to these underprivileged children.

Also, the PAAJAF foundation in order to ensure that the children have quality and good education needs help in recruiting quality teachers. Good students are a result of good teachers and a teacher plays the first role in society in the upbringing of a child. Good and Quality teachers can do the magic of producing good and quality students.

Good education and quality teachers can never be complete without a good study environment. The PAAJAF foundation in other to provide a very comfortable and free environment for studies, needs help in purchasing a plot of land for the PAAJAF family Educational Institute.(PEI). This piece of Land is intended to build a learning centre where both children and adults in the Gbawe community can study with the help of a trained and qualified staff.

Making the world a better place begins with YOU. Your contributions no matter how small are very important and can put a smile on the faces of the less privileged and marginalized.



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