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IMG_20150104_094058Dear PAAJAF Heroes,

It’s been a time of significant growth and blessing for the PAAJAF Foundation. As an NGO in Gbawe Communty in Ghana our purpose is to bring good education and welfare to disadvantaged youth and women in Ghana. We’re experiencing a great expansion in our activities through the support of our generous donors and sponsor Linino Organisation, project partners – GlobalGiving and Pulsar International, Individual Donors as well as our benevolent supporter UN Online Volunteers.

I personally write to invite you to join our good cause for 2015.  Your involvement in the PAAJAF project will be instrumental in the year 2015. This year we’ve sent 12 children back to school!  Among them are Ebenezer and Gilbert are now attending Accra Polytechnic, orphaned Erica age 9 moving up into Class 2 at Mercy School, and single-parented Madicy aged 6 who attends Mercy school for the first time. We’ve hired a venue for the IT Training centre and the PAAJAF Education Institute is supporting 20 pre-school children. Our achievement would not have been possible without partners, sponsors, donors, and volunteers like you.

Our goals for 2015:  PAAJAF Foundation has the following goals and we would like to invite you to our team to help us to bring our dreams to reality:

  • Join us an online volunteer or work with us on the ground to Work closely with our sponsors, partners, supporters and volunteers with accountability and high ethics.
  • Help us find project sponsors, partners and donations for the PEI and its literacy programmes, buying land for the school, because currently the school is in a rented venue.
  • Assistance with resourcing the school, library, purchase of school bus and commencement of the IT training for 35 Youth and also to support the PEI literacy programmes.
  • Help us to Sponsor 12 additional children by giving the education to increase our number from 12 to 24 children.
  • Find ways to increase the number of kids at PEI – Scholarship school project – the preschool students will be increased from 20 to 60 students and hiring teachers at the school. Also to provide free lunch to the kids at PEI.

Invitation: PAAJAF needs your help in to achieve the above goals, if you can’t help personally, would you please consider passing this along to anyone you think might be interested in learning more about PAAJAF and the work we do?

Thank you for joining us as we restore life to the world’s most vulnerable.



Philip Kyei Appiah

Executive Director and Co-Founder

PAAJAF Foundation



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Executive Director and Co-Founder
PAAJAF Foundation

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