A strong commitment to the idea of changing the world

Oleh Vovk from Germany at PAAJAF
Oleh Vovk, Germany 

A strong commitment to the idea of changing the world or at least making it a better place has not always been a leading idea for me from the very beginning.

I remembered the time, when I had been working at All-Ukrainian Network of People who live with HIV/AIDS and I remembered the feeling of doing something good every day being committed to helping HIV-positive children in Ukraine. I wanted to have this feeling every day and since I cannot commit fully to full time job, I have decided to volunteer and help just a little and to change the world one little step after the other. Volunteering for the Paajaf Foundation has been very rewarding and I have a feeling that I am surrounded by an amazing team of young, vibrant, professional people who share the same ideas and the same ideals as me.

I hope that my work will be fruitful and that I will be able to help underprivileged children, youth and women in rural Ghana to end poverty and illiteracy. Even as I write this short diary, I am thinking about the establishment of cooperations with student clubs and organisations in Germany and about the long-lasting and rewarding experience for both sides!

Being from Ukraine and having spent last 10 years of education in Ukraine, Germany and Great Britain, I have dreamt about becoming a corporate lawyer in a big law firm. But one particular experience I have made has totally changed my dream and made me think about other possibilities. This experience has been my work at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I have been fascinated with the work of the Organisation and my excitement continued to build day in and day out. The United Nations does great things everyday and I was inspired to do the same.



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