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PEI -Students with teachers and Helen
PEI -Students with teachers and Helen

2 years ago I visited Paajaf Foundation as GlobalGiving UK Project Evaluator in Ghana. When we spoke about their vision for the future, Philip Kyei Appiah the co-founder and director said that their dream would be to open their own school for the neediest children in their community. When I visited yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet the 33 students attending the PAAJAF learning institute, which is a pre-school. They opened their doors in November 2014 and the number of children admitted for the next academic year is already increasing. I spent the day teaching (including some German lessons), which was extremely fun.

Helen and PEI Students
Helen and PEI Students

The school venue is also used for adult education and ICT training. This truly is a success story and I wish them all the best for the future. Volunteers are also welcome at any time and funding to pay the teachers and continue renting the school building is also needed. Do check out their GlobalGiving fundraising page http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/…/vulnerable-children-in-gha…/

— in Ghana.



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