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Jennifer-Quansah PAAJAF Young Writer
Jennifer-Quansah PAAJAF Young Writer
I am very glad to write an article about human rights abuse. Some people may not understand what ‘human rights abuse’ is. Human rights abuses are infringements on the rights and freedoms that the constitution has given to all citizens. In other words preventing others from enjoying the rights and freedoms given to them as individuals. There are many people in the country who have their rights abused. Many young girls and boys who are under 18 years of age and who are expected to be in school are working as maidservants or house helps in homes.

CHILD LABOUR: employing children who are under 15 years of age. Examples of income generating activities are selling ice water and rubber bags. Some children do this just to support themselves or their families instead of going to school.

CHILD TRAFFIC: the practice of taking children from their parents to make them into ‘kayayo’ (market carriers) and to do other jobs elsewhere. There are so many of them. If these people were educated this would not happen.

There are particular people suffering from human rights abuses, they are women, children, foreigners, those from conflicts areas, minority groups in towns and villages and those who are not educated. Some of the reasons why they suffer are:

LOW EDUCATION: most people are ignorant of their rights and of how to fight for their rights. This can be due to ignorance, illiteracy or low educational standards.

POVERTY: some people may be aware that their rights have been abused but because they are poor they are unable to get the services of a lawyer to fight for them.

DISCRIMINATION: people are discriminated against because of their gender, race, colour, physical disability and religion and this discrimination causes human right abuses.

FEAR: sometimes those who violate the rights of children threaten them that if they report or expose them something bad will happen to them. As a result of this fear the children are not able to fight for their rights.

We can also prevent human rights abuses by making formal education more accessible to citizens. This will help prevent human rights abuse because education provides the knowledge and skills to prevent slavery, child abuse and violence against women.

Public education on rights abuse freedoms and how this affects individuals must be intensified. This will help eliminate ignorance and illiteracy and so help to prevent these abuses.

People must be empowered to be economically strong, this will then help to reduce poverty and enable people to be able to hire the services of lawyers to fight for their rights

Agencies are always there to help. Let’s all come together and fight against human rights abuse.






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