My experience of volunteering with the PAAJAF…

Renard Siew, volunteered from Australia
Renard Siew,  Australia

]My experience of volunteering with the PAAJAF Foundation as a Research Coordinator (External Affairs and Partnerships) has been absolutely incredible. Coming from an engineering/business background I have never really had a lot of exposure to the social market place. But just in the past couple of months, I have learned so much about the different charities, foundations and not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) based here in Australia. There is so much diversity in the issues covered: healthcare; climate change; the empowerment of women; sustainability of the built environment; gender segregation; and humanitarian relief among others. Needless to say, these entities are all unique in their own right. From the innovative practices adopted for fund-raising all the way to how they run their awareness campaigns is awe-inspiring.

In my capacity as a Research Coordinator, I have the privilege of contacting these entities on behalf of PAAJAF to set up possible partnerships in the near future. The experience has been exciting thus far. I remembered sending about 25 emails in one single day to provide these entities with some background information about PAAJAF and a proposal as to how they could possibly contribute to some of the current projects. Although, truth be told, not every entity actually got back to me but the ones which did were equally excited about exploring new ways in which they can contribute to PAAJAF’s mission of equipping the underprivileged in Ghana with knowledge and skills for future job security.

The biggest reward, for me personally is getting to know the PAAJAF volunteers. These ‘heroes’, despite having full-time jobs or study have invested so much time into making sure that the day-to-day PAAJAF operations run smoothly. Without them, the PAAJAF Foundation will simply not be as exciting as it is!



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