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Mary Essuman PAAJAF Kids Article Author
Mary Essuman PAAJAF Kids Article Author
My name is Mary Essuman. I’m fourteen years of age. I am a member of the PAAJAF FOUNDATION also known as Nkabom. I am writing an article on its topic. 

Teenage pregnancy has been the major problem facing the country. One may ask; what is teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is a girl between the ages of thirteen to nineteen who get pregnant. However, there are causes of teenage pregnancy such as poverty, peer pressure, early marriage, relationship and etc.

But I want to explain why it is a cause of teenage pregnancy.

Poverty is one the factor of teenage pregnancy. Parents who don’t have money push their children into prostitution. And when the girl goes she start having sex with men and she will become pregnant at last.

Secondly is Peer Pressure means being forced by peers to do something you are not willing to do. It may happen that a girl may advise you go and have sex with a boy and you may say no and the girl tell you that if you don’t have sex you are a fool, then the girl will join and take a boy and they will walk as boy and girl friend then it will lead then to the opposite sex and they will have sex or they boy will raped the girl if the girl say’s she will not do it and if the girl becomes pregnant it is known as Teenage pregnancy.

Early parenthood or marriage is another factor. Some parent send their girls into marriage in their teenage and if the girl get pregnant and the man dies or the man divorce the girl, the girl pregnancy becomes a teenage pregnancy.

Relationship between boys and girls is one of the factors. If a girl is in relationship with a boy. The boy can ask the girl to have sex with him or forced the girl and raped her, who is in her teenage, the pregnancy is known as teenage pregnancy.

However, girls who becomes pregnant in their teenage who face this problems are likely to faced this side effect. School dropout girls who become pregnant will stop going to school and if they give birth some go to school again but another’s refuse to go because they are shy that people will laugh at them and when they don’t go to school too. Some learn trading others become hustlers and their lives becomes miserable.


In some cases the girl may attempt to abort the baby an this may lead to death. In some cases the girl may not attempt to abort but give birth and she will give birth to underweight babies.

Early parenthood: maybe the boy and the girl are young to become parents but yet still they must become parent. So because they don’t have money, they go to their families to help them fend for themselves. And if the family don’t have then they must try and get some for their selves and the child.

Therefore, there are something that we should avoid, do that we will not be pregnant and the level of teenage pregnancy will come to a low level.

Abstinence from sex girls and boys must not get into relationship that may lead them to the opposite sex. And if it comes that way the girl must learn how to say no to sex. We must not take the advise from our friends, peers if they are all positive ideas about sex we must be able to: SAY NO TO SEX.

 I think or suggest that the only way of preventing teenage pregnancy is by saying no to sex.


My dear readers and friends, we must learn how to say and we must be able to say NO TO SEX.



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