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We thank you for generous donations! As our goals for the year 2015 was highlighted: PAAJAF Foundation aims to work hardly to bring our dreams to reality:

By working closely with our donors and looking for project sponsors, partners and donations for PAAJAF Projects and programs:  the current needs include  funding program; PEI  literacy education –  buying land for the school project, classroom maintenance, project staff support, purchase of school supplies and equipments as well  as Library and IT training equipments.  Currently the school is in a rented venue of which term of agreement will end in 2016. Additionally, PAAJAF needs support to buy school bus and provide school lunch for the kids while in school.

Modicai and Judy
Modicai and Judy

12 children have been sponsored through our child welfare program and this achievement was made because our donors care for them. We appreciate your support a lot.  Again, 33 kids, additionally receiving good and quality scholarship education at our PEI Family learning program and 10 adult at the moment.  Help us to increase our number please, 33 to 60 kids and to hire teachers, maintain the classrooms.  We also want to provide free lunch to the kids at PEI as these kids have little food at home and in need of nutrition.

The second quarter of the year 2015 had not been easy for us due to the lack of resources but we are more than happy and thank you our generous donors who have donated to our project: Help Underprivileged Children in Ghana to sustain us. The period under consideration was not easy but a great progress registered:

Under child welfare, as mentioned above, 12 children was sponsored and the goal to sponsor 12 additional children by giving them education to increase our number from 12 to 24 children. Though we have not been able to increase the number from 12 but we are happy that you have helped to maintain them: they have remained in school.

it has been amazing to watch the personal development of these children as they return to school, walking talk, brilliants and healthy! The children called PAAJAF Kids are: Ebenezer, Mary, Erica, Josephine, Nidaar, Stephen, Christpher, Vera, Judy, Madicy, Kelvin and Lordina. All the children have raised self-esteem, increased confidence, are continuing their studies and performing well and are in good health.

Surprisingly, Madicy name was wrongly stated, he is known as Modecai instead please we would like you to know and we apologies for the name confusion.

Thank you for your consideration and your love towards our beneficiaries!


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