Our days in Ghana with Paajaf

luis and AmoakoMahatma Gandhi said once “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Sometimes, human beings need to shake their world, forget everything they’ve learnt, leave conventions behind and start over, discovering that things we thought were normal or common to everybody happen to be a luxury in other parts of the world.

Few years ago my soulmate told me about an association in Ghana she had the opportunity to meet and decided to start a collaboration with them that lasts until today. I’ve heard and read about them a lot over these last years but never really had the chance to collaborate with them, not until now.

Early this year, Paajaf offered us the opportunity to personally meet them, there, in Ghana. We were so excited about the possibility that we started moving everything to see how far we were to reach that goal. Money, time, personal issues and some other constraints didn’t make the way easy, but this only encourage us to reach our objective. And we did.

Luis teaching school children at PEILast 26th September 2015 we left Spain with two big bags full of toys and clothes and three big heads full of dreams and expectations. And we came back with those big bags full of memories we’ll probably never forget.

We tried to spend those 3 weeks getting to fully know the project, the stage they’re in and the stages to come, and help in whatever they needed to be helped. Paajaf project is as beautiful as ambitious and something that will only move forward with lots of work and lots of help and Philip is doing his best to make it succeed. But the way will be hard. We did our best teaching the kids the numbers (up to 20) and the alphabet in Spanish, replacing a teacher whenever she was absent or being responsible for the education of some adults that came to school during our stay. It’s remarkable the hard work the teachers do with children those ages, that can easily drain all your energy in half a morning.

volunteers visited GhanaWe encountered different customs and ways of facing challenges, different approaches to new problems and, of course, different solutions to common problems. We tried to learn as life is never black or white, it’s full of greys, and even in difficult situations we kept the best part of it.

I want to personally thank Philip and his family (we really hope your new baby grow up healthy, smart and strong), Rose, and every person we met during our stay there, everyone that tried to help us in every way they could. We really appreciate everything you did for us and we will never forget.

From these lines I want to take the opportunity to encourage you to leave prejudices behind and take the opportunity to help others, no matter how, no matter when and no matter where. Paajaf needs and deserves your help to continue the project, to keep those children learning and to build a better future for Gbawe.

Thank you again for your kindness and your help, we really hope everything we brought will help you continue the project as we have brought back from Ghana the strength to keep helping and supporting the project.

All the best from Europe,




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