We Are Helping Unprivileged Children And Women In Ghana, Would You Like To Join Us ?

Sometimes visuals can express facts and truth better than words.

I want you to scroll over some of these photographs before i address anything.

There are people and children out there in Africa who are suffering at the hands of their destiny.

The kids are out for begging and getting spoiled working as labours instead of going to schools and grasping education.

They are hungry and famished.

They are weak.

They are uneducated.

Should children grieve this way?

They need love.

They need care.

What if they do not belong to our nation, but still they are human beings like all of us.

The children and little ones need to get treated with utmost love and care.

And the most important thing we should know that they need “OUR HELP.”

And that’s what makes us a complete and an actual human.

Helping makes us feel like a human.

A soft corner in our soul for such needful kids is what makes us feel like a human.

All we need is to develop a sociological perspective on such children.

It’s time to raise above private interests and personal ambitions.

We all need to act as one for these little children.

How we would be able to feed our kids while perceiving that there are thousands of other children out there who are hungry and starving to death.

Can you feel their pains and griefs?

We can not improve their fates, yet there are a lot of things we can do for them.

We can spend some time thinking about them, about their needs and health.You may wish to reflect on this emotionally, physically,
practically and socially.moreover figure out some creative ways to help them.

We will recognise the hopelessness and
helplessness that people can sometimes feel when they live in poverty.

It is often the
collective effects of poverty that can lead to high-stress levels, feelings of strain, and utter desolation.

They are always worried, whether this is about debt or paying
bills, or whether it is about health, housing or other problems.

We can not ever sense the hopelessness of a mother who is watching his beloved kids starving and crying due to hunger, and she is not able to feed them.

But you have an opportunity to feed her kids.

You have a chance to buy some happiness for them with your money.

A small amount of money is not a big concern for you, but it can change their lives.

Each and every penny you donate to them is your love and care.

It’s not about giving money; it’s about donating your love and your care to those suffering children.

It doesn’t matter how much you are giving the thing which matters is your love and your affection you put while giving.

Buy food for them,

buy happiness for them,

buy a smile for them,

buy life for those who are surviving and fighting the consequences without any hope,

and buy peace for your own soul and fortitude.


Bilal Khan

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Bilal Khan is the author of this article ,technical volunteer and developer at Paajaf.org