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Handling Offline Donations
The Crowd Fundraiser plugin adds an offline donation mode to Seamless Donations. Essentially, it adds a Donation record to the Seamless Donations database but marks it pending. The Pledges item on the dashboard left-hand menu brings up a
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Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy has been one of the major problems facing our country. One may ask; what is teenage pregnancy? Teenage pregnancy is when a girl between the ages of thirteen to nineteen gets pregnant. Some of the major causes
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Why our work is needed?
Gbawe is a town in Greater Accra about … kilometres west of the Ghanaian capital, Accra with a population of about 44,000. About 45% of residents are unemployed with high percentage of young people and high youth unemployment.
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A Note on Donation Giving Levels
When the Seamless Donations plugin displays a donation form, it shows some suggested donation amounts and an “other” amount field. The suggested donation levels is determined based on a hierarchy of most-specific to most-general. The most specific is
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The Freedoms And Advantages
Human rights are the freedoms and advantages that everyone should be allowed to have under the constitution. Examples of human rights are the right to life, right to freedom, right to work, right to education, right for protection,
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Using Ninja Forms
Ninja Forms can be used to create a form that allows a user to create new Campaigns. The form needs to collect the required information for a New Campaign along with other information used by the theme. The
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We can all help
My objective as a teacher in the PEI is to ensure a great development in learning among children.  Since my stay in the PEI I have helped various children in the creche to enriched their ability to speak
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Looking for great organistaion to volunteer for?
Are you looking for a great organisation to volunteer for?  You’ve found it! PAAJAF gives global volunteers a world of opportunity. As a PAAJAF volunteer, you can help women and children in Ghana rise out of poverty. Join
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Ninja Form=8
Ninja Form=8 provides the fields for collecting information needed to create the Campaign or used by the theme. Generally to set the field “x”, use a field key of “x”; that is, the field with key “post_title” sets
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