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I am proud of my school
I enjoy a full scholarship from PEI.  I read and write good English. Because of PEI, my parents do not have to worry about paying my fees.  I am proud of my school.  God bless PEI. I am six
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Share What You Care
Throughout the stages of lifespan development – from birth to adulthood and old age – emotional intelligence and psychological well-being largely determine the future success of  citizens. For many, childhood is the most valued stage of their life.
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Using Seamless Donations
The Crowd-Fundraiser plugin uses the Seamless Donations plugin for the actual collection of donations and so Seamless Donations needs to be properly installed and working. For general instructions for using and setting up Seamless Donations, refer to its
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Are YOU ready for Volunteer work?
Are you looking for a great organisation to volunteer for?  You’ve found it! PAAJAF gives global volunteers a world of opportunity. As a PAAJAF volunteer, you can help women and children in Ghana rise out of poverty. Join
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Child Malnutrition
According to recent estimates from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 795 million people, or 1 in 9 people globally, experience chronic undernourishment1. The majority of those suffering live in developing nations. In sub-Saharan Africa
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Ninja Form=10
Ninja Form=10 provides the usual fields for collecting information needed to create the Campaign or used by the theme. This form also includes 2 hidden fields–the hidden field with key causeid is populated by the plugin with the
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A Note on Donation Currency
When the Seamless Donations plugin displays a donation form, it shows a default donation currency. The default donation currency is determined based on a hierarchy of most-specific to most-general. The most specific is if a donation currency is
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Child Literacy
Some may ask what is meant by child education. Child Education is the process of teaching and training the mind and character of a young human to gain knowledge so that he/she can achieve his/her goals in life.
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Currency Exchange Rates
The Crowd Fundraiser plugin allows Campaigns to be conducted in any of the currencies supported by Seamless Donations (which in turn are the currencies support by PayPal). When a donor makes a donation in a currency other than
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