Mary’s Story

I’m fundraising for Mary, a cheerful girl and brilliant student that attends Winners Family School in Class 4. Mary and her sister live with their impoverished single mother and need our support to help with her school fees, health-care vaccinations, and the nutritious food that she urgently needs.

Mary’s Story

Mary is a cheerful girl and a brilliant student. She attends Winners Family School and is in Class 6. She wears her dark blue school uniform with pride and is known to beam with joy as she points at her Gbawe badge from school. She is happy to go to school and have her own textbooks. To ensure that she has proper access to healthcare if she becomes sick, and her family will be able to make sure she gets the right treatment, Mary was also provided with her own health insurance card.

Sadly, her father passed away when she was very young leaving her mother to take care of both her sister and her. Mary’s mother makes a paltry living of $2 per day selling okra, which she uses to support the education and development of both her daughters.

Mary loves reading, though her favourite subject is Math. She is determined to stay in school and keep studying.

Today Mary enjoys playing with the community’s children who also attend the school. Earlier she was unable to play with them as they went to school and she was unable to attend due to lack of funds.

Four years ago Mary woke up in the morning and felt very happy and excited! She ran to see her mother and sister because that was her first day in school, which meant that it was going to be very different. Mary’s mother had prepared some food and was provided her with a nutritious breakfast from the donations PAAJAF received.

With your help – a donation of a dollar a day ($30) or a one-time contribution  towards her education, you can help Mary with her school fees, health-care vaccinations, and the nutritious food that she urgently needs.

Mary’s future is bright because of generous and kind-hearted donors like you. You have made a significant difference in both Mary’s and her family’s lives. Words cannot express the gratitude that Mary and her family have for the support you have given, please know that the smile on this little girl’s face is because of you.

Please don’t deprive this brilliant girl’s dream of going to school and learning. Be that hand that reaches out and helps educate and create a wonderful future filled with success for this little girl.

About Mary

Date of Birth: 23-12-2006 - 12 year(s) old

Gender: Female


Amount raised: $0/ $2,850 in total
Amount raised: 0%/ $2,850 in total
0% Complete (warning) 0% funded
$2,850 of goal

NeedsCost (USD)
School fees for September 2018 to August 2020 school year$1,500
School Meals$500
School Supplies$400
School Events$100
School Transport$200
Health Insurance and Medications$150

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