Vera’s Story

Vera is a kind girl who was abandoned by her father and lives with her single mother. Vera is at risk of leaving school for a menial job or early marriage. Help her stay at school.

Vera’s Story

Vera was born on 2nd June 2006. She is a kind girl that has been abandoned by her father and lives with her mother, who raises Vera alone. Vera is presently attending Winners Family School in Gbawe. She is in Class 6. Vera needs help to stay in school. Her mother has a job in Gbawe community with a monthly of income of $50, which Vera’s mother uses to try to maintain the home and see to her education. It is barely enough to support Vera’s welfare and education.

Vera is a diligent student but impoverished with a single mother. For about one dollar per day or a one-time donation, you can give her a chance to stay in school and live a normal life. PAAJAF can also provide for her well-being with basic needs: food, clean water, health care and nutritious food. With your help, you will make a real difference to Vera’s life through regular school attendance, provision of tuition fees, books, uniform, home feeding support, school lunch and health insurance.

Vera is very hardworking and her future in education looks promising. For girls who are poor, the choices are to work in low-paid, menial jobs at a young age or to be sent away for marriage. Vera needs urgent help so she can grow up with an education in order to break the poverty cycle. This project creates a better future for Vera so she can secure employment and support herself. To read about Vera’s update, please follow the link below.   At PAAJAF, we seek annual sponsorship or donations for our children. In this regard, we present poor Vera to you for your consideration to help keep her in school for the 2018 – 2020 academic year. Thank you.

About Vera

Date of Birth: 02-06-2006 - 13 year(s) old

Gender: Female


Amount raised: $390/ $3,150 in total
Amount raised: 12%/ $3,150 in total
12% Complete (warning) 12% funded
$3,150 of goal

NeedsCost (USD)
School fees for September 2018 to August 2020 school year$1,500
School Supplies $550
School Transport$300
School meals$550
Health and other medications$150
School Event$100

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