The Pearl School loaned Erica’s school supplies and lunch

Erica is now in Class 4 at the Pearl School she is doing great and has returned to school with a new sense of wonder at the world, better understanding of global issues, fresh minds and an ignited passion for making a difference – since you have shown your care for them. Unfortunately, this first term of the 2015/2016 school year, we have only got partially payment of school fees for Erica this first term and negotiated with the head of the school to loan us her school supplies and lunch; books, school uniform and provide lunch to her so that we could pay the school later. Would you please help to promote Erica’s cause if you can’t give to her  directly, so that Erica will stay peacefully in school to receive good and quality education? Currently we owning at the Pearl School in the Gbawe community. Thank you



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