We are close to our goal for 2015: 8 More Kids

We are close to our goal for 2015: 8 More Kids. The PAAJAF Educational Institute is a project run by the PAAJAF Foundation to provide a scholarship school education for the poor orphans, underprivileged and neglected children, youth, and women in Ghana, which has the current focus in the Gbawe Community and later where appropriate in Ghana. The project will be delivered in phases and it is ongoing project to build educational centre and to provide scholarship education to university level.  We are thankful to our donors and partners: Linino Organisation, Souter Foundation, Tula Trust, GlobalGiving, United Nations Online Volunteers and Church of Our Saviour in The Netherlands.

The project has a vision to 2018 and we call your support, partnership and sponsorship. Our vision is to build and provide scholarship school education to poor orphans, underprivileged and neglected children in Gbawe community and 60 adults. Working towards the achievement of the goal of 2015/2016 school year of having 60 preschool children and 10 adult literacy participants, as of today September 24, 2015, . we have total number of preschool students of 52 and  we are working to maintain our adult participants of 9 women and 1 youth.  Help us today.




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