Ana Andrade

My intention was to help the educational projects in Ghana after signing up for the UN online volunteering platform. PAAJAF needed fundraising assistance and I undertook the task.

  1. Have you ever volunteered to PAAJAF before either online or onsite?  No
  1. Briefly describe your volunteer daily duties: Fundraising activities, organizing presentations for potential contributors, presenting PAAJAF for international donors etc.
  1. What satisfactions did you get as a volunteer of PAAJAF? Securing the permanent place on GlobalGiving fundraising platform was a pure satisfaction.
  1. What difficulties did you face during your volunteering period at PAAJAF? Just the usual difficulties associated with everyday communication and continuous striving for maximum effort in fundraising campaign.
  1. Describe some of the good things about volunteering for PAAJAF?  Organizational persistence and Philip Appiah’s leadership skills were of great benefit to the success of the project. It set a good example for the constant continuation of my involvement during the fundraising campaign.
  1. Describe some of the things that could be improved to make PAAJAF a better place?
  2. i) Communication between the members of the volunteering team.
  3. ii) On-site visits to observe the results physically; however, a separate budget should be available for this.
  • Ana Andrade