Esther Nkansah

My name is Esther Nkansah and I am a teacher at PEI. PAAJAF gives opportunity to those who are not privileged enough to go to school; those who don’t go to school at all and those who are able to go to school but due to some circumstances they drop out of school. There are children who come here and continue from where they left off, and those who haven’t been to school start from scratch. I’ve been able to help a few people. I have a student named Sabina. She’s been doing well and when she first came here she couldn’t identify the letter ‘A’ from the alphabet. Through PAAJAF, she can now not only identify the letter ‘A,’ but read sentences as well. So this helps a lot. I urge others out there to come and join us. We need support from all over the world so that we can move ahead and achieve our aim