Lorraine O’Neil

We visited Gbawe, Ghana in the summer of 2010 as an In-The-Field Traveller and project evaluator from GlobalGiving. The PAAJAF Foundation gave scholarships to vulnerable children for them to attend private school (school with under 50 students per class).

We met two of the four children who the PAAJAF Foundation supported. We were introduced to Josilene. She is an orphan and lives with her aunt who has four children besides her. Josilene has a mischievous smile, which is even more adorable because she is missing her two front teeth. She kept poking me while I was sitting at the desk and then running to hide. I believe she is only five or six years old, and can already say many simple English phrases. It is important to see the community taking care of its orphans.

Both Alexis and I strongly endorse the PAAJAF Foundation. Philip, the Ghanaian co-founder we met, was inspired to start the foundation because he had to work three jobs to support his own way through school. When he got out of school he wanted to reinvest in his community and give children and adults the opportunity that he never had – a free, quality education. The PAAJAF Foundation is grassroots development at its best, an individual who sees their community in need, and then takes it upon them self to help meet the community’s needs. If you are looking to invest in a worthy grassroots organization with little to no overhead expense, look no further.