Quote from Alix Halloran visit to Paajaf Foundation, May 2017

 Dear Philip,

Thank you for hosting Alix Halloran at Paajaf Foundation in May 2017! GlobalGiving’s site visits are an important part of our work, and our team is always so excited to be able to meet, support, and learn from our nonprofit partners in the field. So, thank you for being a part of this program this year! Our In-the-Field traveler Alix Halloran wanted to share some feedback about their experience with you, and hopefully give you some valuable content. Please see below for Alix Halloran’s thoughts about Paajaf Foundation’s programs:

“Philip and the teachers were so welcoming to me. I appreciate that you took time out of your busy day to answer all of my questions.  Paajaf is helping so many young children start and stay in school! I’m excited to see them expand so they can help more children in Gbawe”.