Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy has been one of the major problems facing our country. One may ask; what is teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is when a girl between the ages of thirteen to nineteen gets pregnant. Some of the major causes of teenage pregnancy in our country are: poverty, peer pressure, early marriage and relationships amongst many other.

Poverty is one the biggest causes of teenage pregnancy. Many times parents who do not have money to sustain themselves push their children into prostitution which eventually leads to girls getting pregnant in their teenage years.

Peer Pressure means being forced by peers into doing something one is not willing to do. Most times teenage girls get pregnant because they engage in sex only due to peer pressure without being educated about the consequences  of it or knowing ways of protected sex.

Marriage or having a relationship with the opposite sex is another factor. Some parents in our country get their girls married when they are teenagers. Without having enough time to learn and understand about sex and child bearing, girls are not aware about protected sex and get pregnant in the early years of their marriage.

In many cases girls who become pregnant in their teenage years stop going to school because they shy away from people around them. In most cases they learn trading or become hustlers. In some cases where the girls attempt to abort the baby, other complications occur such as the death of both the mother and the child or the child being born with complications.

Girls and boys who are forced into early parenthood, most of the time, cannot fend for themselves and become an added burden on their families. Therefore, it is very important to educate the younger generation about teenage pregnancy and its consequences. It is very important to teach girls about abstinence, about how to say no to sex and to not take advice from friends and peers.

Written by:

Mary Essuman (Also known as Nkabom)


14 (Age)