Child Education

Ghana is a country with good natural resources such as gold, diamonds, cocoa and many tourist sites. These resources and sites make the country attractive to foreign visitors. But one particular problem that disturbs the country the most is lack of child education.


What is child education? Child education is the continuous process of sending children, who are of school age, to school to gain knowledge, and to be trained to become responsible people in future. It is good for every individual to be involved in some form of education. When someone has not been educated, they may be ignorant about their rights and how to fight for them.

In Ghana, the level of education is very low, and has become a chronic problem for the society and the government. The effects of this have eaten deep into society and into the finances of the government. Education institutions have inadequate teaching materials and poor infrastructure. Most schools need teacher’s aids as well as basics such as desks and textbooks. In many cases, students have to walk a long way from their homes and towns to get to the nearest school. Many students have to wake up early and do lots of work before they go to school. By the time they get to class they are already exhausted, weak and tired. This makes learning difficult for students.

My appeal to the government is to put more effort into helping improve child education by taking steps to reduce child labor, to build more schools in towns and villages and to make Ghana a place with brilliant and intelligent people who are respected without being abused and cheated by other countries.

Written by:

Mercy Sam