The Freedoms And Advantages

Human rights are the freedoms and advantages that everyone should be allowed to have under the constitution. Examples of human rights are the right to life, right to freedom, right to work, right to education, right for protection, right to own property and right to personal liberty.

Rights can be grouped into five sections. They are legal, economic, political, social and natural rights. Legal rights are rights to be protected under the law. Economic rights are rights to own property, right to work and get fair wages or good salaries. Political rights are rights to vote and to be voted for. Social rights are for decent or good accommodation, education, health care, clean drinking water, freedom of religion, freedom of movement and natural rights are rights to life and freedom of speech.

Written by:

Abigail Nyani.

Member of the PAAJAF Children’s Network and student of ACROPOLIS Schools at Gbawe

11 (Age)