A Venue for Expanded Learning

The vision:

PAAJAF (Providing Adults and Adolescents With Jobs for Advancement for the Future), had the vision of serving the disadvantaged Gbawe community, in the outskirts of Ghana’s capital city of Accra – where children had very little access to education and quality of living – by opening a school for them.

But as local children excelled in and enjoyed going to school, additionally it was realized that they needed a place to study and expand the teachings provided to them. PAAJAF sought to build on the existing education program to support the children and women with a place to study further, research and reach their full potential.,

The solution:

What Gbawe lacked was a purpose-built library. And, thus, PAAJAF moved towards building the PEI (PAAJAF Educational Institute) Library with the intention of:

• Providing the community, especially the school children, with a venue to conduct further study and research on what they learned at school

• Inspiring and gently encouraging an interest in reading and passion for further expanding their knowledge

• Hiring library staff who can assist the children

• Allowing access to reference books and other course materials that were unaffordable to children

• Giving 100 primary school children and 35 adults access to the Internet and e-readers

Within the library, a space is expected to be dedicated to reading. This will be known as the Christopher, Agyadom and Agyani Reading Centre (CAARC), aptly named after the PAAJAF founder’s children.

Fortunately, for PAAJAF and the Gbawe community, Worldreader was able to locate sponsors that donated 35 e-readers to the PEI library, thus giving both women and children easy access to further enhance their learning and knowledge.

Visit PEI Library for more information and updates.