The Problem:

PAAJAF (Providing Adults and Adolescents With Jobs for Advancement for the Future), had surveyed a disadvantaged and impoverished community, Gbawe, near the capital city of Accra in Ghana, where families lived in poverty and children did not go to school due to financial difficulties and access to education programmes. Parents of these children knew that access to education would dramatically improve prospects for employment and earning a living wage. Many of these adults were small traders, making wages of $2 to $4, supporting not only their immediate families, but in some cases, extended families and community members who did not have families of their own. Another major issue was though Gbawe had a population of 44,000, there was only one school in the town resulting in overcrowding and anything but individual attention. PAAJAF sought to partner with the community and improve educational outcomes for local children and adults.

The Solution:

With the assistance of some sponsors and generous donations, the PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) was established to provide quality education within purpose built classrooms. The Institute provides schooling for children up to the age of 15 and helps them grow to their full potential. It does this though ensuring that children receive guidance and education to develop better skill sets that help them access better jobs, a living wage and giving them the capability to achieve their dreams.

For the year 2016, PEI had set a goal of reaching 64 children and 10 adults by the close of the period under consideration – December 2016.

As of 2015 – 2016 school year that ended on August 4, the Institute had enrolled, 103 children – a whopping 50 per cent more than the original goal. “We are so proud God has ushered us into the new 2016-2017 school year, which starts this month of September 2016,” said PEI Head Teacher, Rose Antwiwaa. “It is a great privilege to be the Head teacher of such a thriving school community where high aspirations and a caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do,” she added.

The school has created scholarship programs for the children due to the limited availability of public education. In addition to the schooling, PEI also provides their students with books, school supplies, uniforms, and two nutritious meals every day.

PEI has set high standards that it expects to roll out in the following five phases:

Age Group + Adult Literacy # of Beneficiaries Target Date
Phase 1 1 – 6 years 64 children 10 adults January – December 2016
Phase 2 7 – 12 years 100 children 60 adults January – December 2017
Phase 3 13 – 15 years 400 children 100 adults January – December 2018
Phase 4 Over 15 years* (*Senior High School-level) TBD 2021* (*TBD)
Phase 5 Over 18* (*University-level) TBD 2025*

As Phase 1 ends, PEI expects to implement two additional goals of building a scholarship program and adding a PEI bus.

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