PAAJAF Family Learning Centre

The Problem:

Gbawe is a disadvantaged community in the shadows of the bustling capital of Accra in Ghana where many children and adults are illiterate and struggle to access education programs. PAAJAF co-founder, Philip Appiah-Kyei, had a vision to ensure all children in the community were literate, but also that adults, especially women, were provided with an equal opportunity to enhance their skills and become literate.

The Solution:

PAAJAF Family Learning Centre or PFLC was established with a mission to provide local families with young children and/or orphans and provide them with access to free education. The Centre also provides education to adults, especially women, who are not afforded the same learning opportunities as men. Their health, welfare and economic status has suffered because if the lack of access to education programs and opportunity to participate in them.

Many of these women make less than $50 per month on petty trades and struggle to make ends meet. Many women are mothers who are committed to and passionate about their children receiving a good education and to learn English. Given the opportunity, they too would like to learn and be educated so they can improve their employment opportunities and provide a better standard of living for their families.

The PFLC created the following two successful programmes with the aid of Tuler Trust and the Souter Foundation:

  • Educating Adults Programme
  • After-School Children’s Programme

Both programmes were greatly received especially the adult programme, which more than doubled the initial enrollment of 6 adults in 2014, to 20 adults in 2015. The after-school children’s programme also showed great promise with the enrollment of 60 children.

Unfortunately, the funding of these programmes expired in 2014, resulting in a $30 fee each quarter. Not surprisingly, this charge led to a sudden reduction of enrolled children. Though there was a tremendous need and desire of the community to join the program, the lack of funds made access prohibitively expensive.

PAAJAF and the Gbawe community needs your support. Learn more about how you can make a difference and how you can support PFLC grow into a stronger and better learning centre by viewing our videos here.