Using the Crowd Fundraiser plugin

The Crowd Fundraiser plugin adds Campaign functionality to Seamless Donations along with the ability to pledge to make offline donations (such as by check or bank transfer). A Campaign is user-created activity to raise funds for a specific cause. A Campaign will have a default currency, a set of suggested giving levels, a goal, an optional end-date, and images or videos. Donations made to a Campaign will be summarized and tracked so that anyone can see how the Campaign is proceeding towards the goal with a days-remaining countdown if an end-date is set.

The Crowd Fundraiser plugin does not have any specific requirements on what a Cause is; it is simply a post/page associated with a Seamless Donations Fund. But for PAAJAF, the 2 causes are Kids and Projects; these are custom-post-types created by the PAAJAF theme.

The Crowd Fundraiser plugin is supported by a set of Advanced Custom Fields plugin field definitions so that an admin can view or edit the custom fields that the plugin uses.

While it is recommended that the theme provide nice formatting for a Campaign and get status information using PHP function calls, the Crowd Fundraiser has shortcodes for producing some standard information displays with very basic formatting. The Campaign status shortcode cfr-status emits the wppb shortcode to display a progress bar; the WP Progress Bar plugin can be used to process this shortcode.

Detailed developer documentation on the plugin can be found here.