This project is aimed to provide literacy education for 30 adults in Ghana. The focus will be to teach participants how to read and write in Ghanaian, basic English and basic math.


The illiteracy rate in Gbawe is estimated 25 % in the adult generation. Many adults live in low-income households and did not have the possibility to progress with their studies. This stops adults from getting jobs and manage basic officiary issues. These handicaps undermine their autonomy and minimize their chances of social and professional improvement.


PAAJAF Foundation wants to re-launch this specific project aimed to teach illiterate adults how to read and write both in Ghanaian and in a basic level of English. In addition, basic math functions are in the curriculum.

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Long-term impact

Adults will be confident in their own capacities while they will be able to gather information and opportunities in their environment. On a wider sense, this program strives to provide the knowledge that can improve people’s social conditions, as well as change attitudes, increase self-esteem, and inclusiveness.