Abigail’s Story

Abigail is diligent and responsible both at school and home, where she looks after her younger brother. However she’s often had to miss school and try to study by herself because she can’t afford to go.

Abigail’s Story

Abigail is a role model to children all over Ghana. Why? Because at 17 years, she has not only graduated junior high school, but has successfully received admission into the senior high school at Aburi Girl.

She has surpassed all expectations and her peers in all subjects.

Abigail is diligent and responsible both at school and home, where she looks after her younger brother, Joshua. Her future in education is promising.

Unfortunately due to her parents’ financial difficulties, she was often left to study without textbooks and no school uniform to wear to school. Because of this, Abigail retreated and often missed school and studied on her own.

And yet, despite these hardships, Abigail has still received admittance to senior high school because of her perseverance in studies and desire to do well.

Abigail relies on PAAJAF’s supporters to help her stay in school. Her next year of high school will cost $2,250. Without this support, she will not be able to continue her education.

Abigail has set high standards for herself and wishes to become a doctor. Her dream is only held back by access to good quality education, because she is very hardworking and is fiercely determined and energetic with her studies. Before she can achieve her dream, she needs to finish high school.

She is very grateful to PAAJAF and its donors, as she realizes that she could never have achieved admittance to senior high school, without your generation donations.

Please help Abigail reach her dream to become a doctor.

About Abigail

Date of Birth: 18-05-2000 - 18 year(s) old

Gender: Female


Amount raised: $0/ $3,450 in total
Amount raised: 0%/ $3,450 in total
0% Complete (warning) 0% funded
$3,450 of goal

NeedsCost (USD)
Admission fee$2,000
Boarding fee$450
Reference Books$350
Health Insurance and Other Medication $150

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