Christpher’s Story

Six-year old Christpher loves attending the PEI school at Gwabe. His parents care for many children and widows so money is tight and Christpher can’t stay at school without your help.

Christpher’s Story

Eight-year old Christpher is no slacker. In fact, he has not missed a single class since school re-opened in its second term. Christpher now attends Crown and Glory School in  at Gbawe. He is an inquisitive little boy who lives with his parents and has been always place 1st in his class.  He was a student at PAAJAF  Educational Institute, but due to lack of space at PEI, he was transfer to another school in the community. Christpher has a dream to become an aerospace engineer. He is in Primary 2 now.

His father works as an accounting clerk at a small church in Gbawe. He and Christpher’s mother not only take care of him, but are caregivers to many children and widows who live in their community without any support of her own.

Christpher relies on your generous donations to provide tuition and other fees.  Unfortunately, there is not enough funding for young Christpher to continue with school next year.

To allow Christpher to continue to develop his inquisitive mind and take big strides, he needs your generous help for his school fees, the cost of books and proper health care to live a normal, healthy life.

For a dollar a day or a one-time donation, Christpher can continue going to school, developing the skills he needs to one day, pay back his community and help other children in need.

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Date of Birth: 19-04-2011 - 8 year(s) old

Gender: Male


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