Clara’s Story

Clara is on the PAAJAF program and needs sponsors to continue to go to school. Her father is an electrician but there’s not a lot of work and her mother in unemployed.

Clara’s Story

Clara is a thoughtful and kind girl who lives with her parents. Clara is on the PAAJAF program and needs sponsors to continue to go to school.  She is now in Kindergarten two.

Clara’s father is an Electrician, but doesn’t have a certificate so struggles to find jobs to take care of Clara and her mother.  He is often without a job for months at a time, so can’t earn income to support Clara’s education. Clara’s mother is unemployed. She plans to open a shop to support her husband to care for Clara, but needs capital to start.

With your donation of about a dollar a day ($30 a month), or a one-time donation, you can provide her with school fees, and health care through vaccines and nutritious food that she urgently needs.

Please support Clara and her family and make a huge difference in their life.

About Clara

Date of Birth: 29-01-2012 - 7 year(s) old

Gender: Female


Amount raised: $0/ $3,300 in total
Amount raised: 0%/ $3,300 in total
0% Complete (warning) 0% funded
$3,300 of goal

NeedsCost (USD)
School fees September 2018 to August 2020 school year$1,000
School Meals$500
School supplies$400
School Events$50
Health Insurance$150
School Transport$200
Clara's Mother support to open shop$1,000

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