Modecai’s Story

Modecai’s mother knows that learning English is key to a better life. But she and Modecai’s father earn just $4 a day. Modecai needs financial help to stay at school.

Modecai’s Story

Modecai’s story is not unusual for the background he comes from. His father occasionally drove a taxi to earn an income, while his mother is a petty trader. Between the two of them, their meager wages come to $4 per day. Because of his dire circumstances, Modecai was a school dropout. Now he is in Primary two.

But, Modecai’s mother had great dreams and plans for her children. She wanted her children to have opportunity and achieve great things, and she realised the only way they could do so was to get a good education. She knew this would open up many new opportunities to not only her children but also to her entire family.

Earlier, none of Modecai’s family members could speak English. His mother knew English was key: she wanted Mordecai and his brother to learn English so that they could get good jobs in the future, which would pay them better than  she is paid now. And in so doing, Modecai and his brother could create a better life for themselves.

Through PAAJAF, Modecai has a chance to attend school. He needs your help again to continue receiving good quality education, as his parents cannot afford the school fees.

Modecai needs  donations to help achieve his mother’s dreams. Please donate generously so he can take this opportunity and rise out of poverty.

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