IT Education Program for Children in Ghana

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The story

We believe in the power of education and empowering children to transform their lives


Developing Information Technology skills at the middle of the fourth industrial revolution is fundamental. This program is aimed to provide basic IT training for the students, including programing, design and learning practical use of MS Office.


In the last five years, increased smartphone adoption, lower internet costs, and the immense size of the African market has drawn several high-profile investors and tech giants into Africa. The number of tech hubs grew by 24% in Ghana. IT service businesses usually do not require huge investments, therefore this industry can be a true opportunity for underprivileged children. However, IT education requires IT tools and internet subscription that the school does not currently have.


PAAJAF Foundation established the IT Education Program. This outlines the plan for purchasing IT tools, establishing an internet subscription and providing adequate IT training for each age group.

Long-term Impact

Growing up, the children taught by PAAJAF Foundation will have highly valuable IT skills and will be qualified for numerous jobs. This can change their attitude of hope and toward life, by increasing self-esteem and inclusiveness.


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