Public Health Education to Children in Ghana

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The story

We believe in the power of education and empowering children to transform their lives


PAAJAF Foundation has been working toward socio-economic development Gbawe by providing education to children aged 2-14. Apart from formal education, public health is an area that needs our attention. Educating children on correct hygiene and health habits will improve their own health and the health of those in their community.


About 78% of those in urban areas of Ghana have access to safe drinking water. This number drops significantly in rural areas. The water infrastructure is insufficient for the population and sanitation services are even more limited. This translates to intermittent supply and low-quality water, increasing the chance of spreading infections and disease. Communities with access to poor quality water and sanitation services are more prone to developing further health issues.


To mitigate the lack of education around this problem, PAAJAF Foundation has designed and implemented public health education. Students learn about hygiene and how to protect themselves and their families from infections, by encouraging the development of healthy behaviors for life.

The Sustainable Development Goals, a set of goals designed by the United Nations to guide global development to 2030, guides PAAJAF. This includes a specific goal to “ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. In the pursuit of this goal and fulfilling the human rights of children, PAAJAF Foundation works to reach the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Ghana.

Long-term Impact

By exposing children to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene education (WASH), PAAJAF Foundation instills knowledge and healthy habits. These children will perform better at school and influence good hygiene practices in their homes, among family members and in the local community. This will lead to an improvement of public health.


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